What is the Difference Between a Genuine and a Replica Eames Lounge Chair?

How to find an authentic Eames Lounge chair. Only Vitra has the rights to manufacture Eames furniture in Europe, so the original item will have a black Vitra sticker with the signature of Charles Eames on the base. It must have a five-star base; some copies only have a four-star base. The best way to know if the armchair you're looking at is a real Eames armchair or a reproduction is to study it for real.

Just like with money, you look at the real thing long enough and you'll know if something is wrong. Here are a few things to consider when identifying an Eames armchair. Rotate: The chair must be able to rotate 360°. A real Eames pouf doesn't spin.

Eames was concerned that a swivel ottoman might be dangerous for children, so it was quickly suspended on the first chairs. A swivel ottoman with bronze bushing and boot sliders is the stuff of the legends of Eames Lounge chairs. If you have or find an armchair like this, take care of it, it's the rarest of all Eames armchairs, the ultimate collector's item. Many chairs that claim to be Eames armchairs have too many or too few legs at the base. The original design had four legs that extended evenly from the base.

Some replicas have three or five legs, which provide a different level of stability and comfort when sitting. In addition, the legs of an original Eames chair have a slight angle and are not flat or steep. The copies are usually square feet or the feet may have a steep slope. This is one of the most obvious differences with a real Eames armchair. Charles Eames described that he wanted the chair to give off the “warm and responsive look” of a widely used first base glove. The Eames armchair and footrest is one of the most important pieces of furniture of the 20th century.

Here (Europe), at Vitra (which produces the Lounge chair) you can buy a version of the armchair that is an enlarged version of the original chair by 10% (of the top of my head). Imitations of Flex (they don't recline) usually have a recline mechanism, but authentic Eames armchairs don't recline. It was designed to ease the weight of the lower back and spine, making the original Eames chair comfortable. In Vintage Eames armchairs, each shell must have rosewood veneer both inside and outside. Therefore, it can be really difficult to tell the difference between new reproductions and old Eames originals. Round metal disc: Between 1956 and 1969, the Herman Miller logo was in the center and the legend Designed by Charles Eames: Herman Miller Zeeland, Michigan, around Take the Eames chairs with shell (DS and DA) as an example: The “real” Herman Miller has changed to polypropylene, while “copies” from Modernica are made of original fiberglass.

Entirely assembled by hand and manufactured with highest quality parts and materials, timeless Eames armchair was built to last a lifetime.

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