What is the Value of an Eames Chair?

Buying a used Herman Miller Eames chair can be a great way to get your hands on a classic design at a lower price. However, it is essential to do your research and make sure that the chair is in good condition before making the purchase. If you are taller or prefer a higher seating position, the Eames Lounge Chair Tall may be a better option. According to their grandson Eames Demetrios, rosewood was their favorite type of wood, and they wanted the armchair and footrest to have the “warm, welcoming look of a worn first base glove.”The story of Eames chairs began in Michigan in the 1940s when Charles Eames met his future wife Ray at the Cranbrook Art Academy.

The iconic Eames LCW armchair has an average resale value of up to 50 to 60%, while Isamu Noguchi coffee tables have an average resale value of up to 65%. Santos's walnut and rosewood surfaces are slightly more in demand than colored surfaces. It is also important to note that when buying a used chair, it may not include a warranty or support from the manufacturer. Replica Eames armchairs are high-quality chairs that will last for a long time due to their basic design. However, it is important to look for signs that confirm whether or not it is an original Eames chair.

If you see a chair that you think is authentic at a price that's too good to be true, be sure to keep looking for signs that confirm whether or not it is an original Eames chair. One way to tell if it is an imitation is if it has a visible tilt mechanism to adjust the tilt. The Eames armchair and footrest have an elegant and modern design with a curved plywood shell and plush leather upholstery. If you are looking for a larger version of the original Eames armchair and ottoman, the Eames Tall armchair and ottoman is an excellent option to consider. The Eames high chair and footrest share many of the same design features as the original, such as a molded plywood shell, premium leather upholstery and a five-star aluminum base. You might wonder why Eames chairs are so expensive when you first hear about their prices.

However, when you consider their timeless design, quality materials, and craftsmanship, it makes sense why they are worth so much.

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