How to Identify an Authentic Eames Armchair

The best way to know if the armchair you're looking at is a real Eames armchair or a reproduction is to study it carefully. Just like with money, if you look at the real thing long enough, you'll know if something is wrong. At Hobbs Modern, we have worked on countless Eames Authentic armchairs and have studied the chair in great detail. As Eames said: “The details make up the design, when authenticity is determined, it's all in the details.When examining an Eames armchair, there are a few key features to look for.

First, check for covered screw caps that match the veins of the wood. The Eames Lounge has four oval cushioning supports, attached to the inside of the wooden case, to the upper tips of the lower case and to the “ears” of the central case. Additionally, look for a round metal disc with the Herman Miller logo in the center and designed by Charles Eames, Herman Miller Zeeland, Michigan. Finally, examine the quality of materials used in construction.

The original Eames chairs were made with honest use of materials and visible structure, but they also believed in elegant solutions to complex engineering problems.Combining soft, cozy leather with the elegant shape of molded rosewood, it was the culmination of the Eames' efforts to create a new club chair using technology that they pioneered years before. Entirely assembled by hand and manufactured with the highest quality parts and materials, the timeless Eames armchair was built to last a lifetime.At Hobbs Modern, we specialize in helping customers identify authentic Eames armchairs. We have worked on countless authentic chairs and have studied them in great detail. We understand that it can be difficult to tell if a chair is real or not, but with our expertise and knowledge we can help you make an informed decision.

So if you're looking for an authentic Eames armchair, contact us today!.

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