Do Eames Lounge Chairs Retain Their Value?

Vintage pieces are known to retain their value well, and this is especially true for the Eames Lounge Chairs Collection. When I was looking to buy a new Eames chair, I was hoping it would be as comfortable as the ones I had experienced in the past. Unfortunately, this was not the case and it ended up being a costly mistake. The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, a long-time couple and design partners, in 1956. It featured a peculiar mix of padded black leather and wavy, laminated plywood cases that rolled up like a beetle - a signature look of the Eames Lounge Chairs Collection.The chair was revolutionary at the time due to its features such as molded plywood and cushioning technology, which were inspired by earlier and more traditional furniture designs. The classic rosewood and black leather look of the Eames lounge chair is iconic, but Herman Miller offers a wide range of customizable options for it.

These include seven shell wood finishes and 18 upholstery colors, from gray mohair to flamiber red and, of course, leather. The armchair itself is huge and requires a wide bunk bed, not to mention a footrest that's large enough to be a seat in its own right. This explains why it works so well in minimalist, expansive spaces and why the owners of those spaces only have to have one. The Eames lounge chair has been featured in many popular shows such as “Shark Tank” and “Gossip Girl”. It has also been recovered in a classic Missoni chevron in Serena van der Woodsen's attic.

Not only are Eames Brazilian rosewood armchairs impressive to behold, but their rarity makes them coveted. For smaller homes, consider designing your seating plan around your new Eames chair or choose to place only half of the set in the living room. When you are thinking about what color combinations might work for you, remember that this chair needs its space, physically and visually. From day one, the Eames designed the lounge and footrest for a luxury market, and it's hard to discuss the level of craftsmanship and quality materials used without mentioning its distinguished heritage. More recently, however, the chair seems to have found a new audience who may be more interested in its instantly recognisable silhouette and famous price than its history.

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