Do Eames Chairs Have Serial Numbers?

Vintage Eames armchairs have the number printed on the inside of the case. After 1971, the chair is numbered with a black permanent marker. Types of sheet metal used include aged Brazilian rosewood, cherry, walnut and rosewood from Santos (Bolivian rosewood). Patent labels are an important tool for collectors and buyers and sellers alike.

At first glance, they may seem like a series of numbers and useless content, but they can be used to determine the age of the piece. They were generally found on armchairs and armchairs, but can also be found on pieces of plywood. I recently purchased a Rosewood Eames Lounge by Herman Miller from a vintage store that I believe is 100 percent authentic. It has the Herman Miller labels, the correct measurements, a footrest that doesn't turn, etc.

After removing the cushions to send them to be re-upholstered, I noticed a 3-digit number engraved on the inside of the two upper sections (backrest). The Eames continued with an approach related to the development of wire enclosures together with their longtime employee and faithful representative of the first Eames offices, Don Albinson. This approach was based on a layer of foam rubber and resulted in “an upholstered pad being easy to fix”, meaning that upholstery can be removed from a chair and replaced. On March 8th, the Supreme Court rejected Herman Miller's motion to appeal the commercial image and determined that the contract furniture company's popular Eames office chair is not famous enough to protect the dilution of the commercial image.

If you have a chair design or other design that you think could be a great brand, let us help you decide if it will be approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Eames patent labels were mainly found on the Eames Lounge Chair and on the Fiberglass series of armchairs and side chairs. If a similar chair has a visible recline mechanism to adjust the inclination, it is an important clue that it is not a genuine Eames piece. The Eames chair patent of 683 protected the decorative design of the chair, while the utility patent of 490 protected a “novel assembly of support parts” for individually assembled backrest and seat panels that complied with the contours.

Specially reinvented by Charles and Ray Eames in 3D form, in a 3D shaped body that matches the shell of the side chair. Below we have compiled the most common Eames labels and stamps and researched them to estimate their age and application. Sell your vintage Eames furniture at the best Eames market in the world. After being peeled, scratched and cleaned from the undersides of the chairs in which they lived, collectors now openly hope that every Eames chair they find will preserve that incredibly useful piece of history.

An authentic Eames Ottoman lounger will have four legs at its base, not five as seen in copies of the design. Introduced in 1956, an original Eames chair with its matching footrest remains one of the most recognizable and iconic chair designs in history. However, as popular as these armchair and footrest have become, they are still based on handmade details that continue to distinguish this classic and authentic design according to Herman Miller's website. In other words, Charles and Ray Eames' work in furniture design during 1940s can be summarized as attempts to recreate same forms in different materials as rudimentary attempts to use new materials and processes for production of furniture.

And a base was probably only developed because problems with fiberglass shell of auxiliary chair caused them to experiment with metal wire in depth and detail.

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