What to Look for When Buying an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

When it comes to buying a replica of an Eames lounge chair, there are certain features that you should look out for to ensure that you are getting the best quality product. One of the most important features to consider is whether or not the chair reclines. The original Eames chairs manufactured by Herman Miller in 1956 “came with a” fixed reclining position, meaning that you couldn't adjust the seat or change its angle. However, some fake replicas of an Eames chair come with an adjustable recline mechanism, which is not true to the original design.

Another feature to look out for is the quality of the covers and cushions. Like the original Eames chair, the Ultra-Premium armchair covers should be lacquered on both sides and the cushions should be removable. Additionally, the 670 model should have all the comfort of a larger armchair, but without sacrificing its size. It is also important to note that some manufacturers that used the exact specifications provided by Eames in the past may sell a chair for several thousand dollars.

Vitra, a Swiss manufacturer of modern-style furniture, received authorization to produce the furniture using the original Eames specifications for distribution abroad. When it comes to distinguishing between an original and a fake Eames chair, it can be difficult as they can look very similar. The Herman Miller Eames base should be all aluminum with a polished rather than brushed finish on aluminum. Additionally, the new Herman Miller Eames Lounge production should feature thicker plywood cases, the same rough thickness as the old Plycraft reproductions.

Buying a replica of an Eames chair, despite its high price, is a very good purchase because this chair is very durable and you can use it for different years. It's best to do enough research about where to buy the chair you want and thoroughly review these items. However, as popular as the armchair and footrest have become, they continue to rely on the handmade details that continue to distinguish this classic and authentic design according to the Herman Miller website.

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