How to Identify a Genuine Eames Armchair

Often, copies of the iconic Eames armchair have a base built with square feet or the feet may have a steep slope. An authentic Eames Ottoman lounger will have four legs at the base, not five, as seen in copies of the design. The original Eames chair (not the ottoman) should also be able to rotate 360 degrees. The best way to know if the armchair you're looking at is a real Eames armchair or a reproduction is to study it for real.

Just like with money, you look at the real thing long enough and you'll know if something is wrong. Here are a few things to consider when identifying an Eames armchair. Maybe one day your progeny will sit in this chair (after replacing the shock absorber frames), point to the seam and fondly remember their sweet and crazy grandparents. One of the most important features of an authentic Eames armchair is that it does not recline. Imitations usually have a reclining mechanism, but authentic Eames armchairs don't recline.

This indicates that you are buying a high-quality item manufactured according to the original guidelines for Eames chairs. Whether you're looking for a contemporary chair for your living room or an essential piece for your home office, an Eames chair replica is an excellent choice. Nowadays, many companies sell replicas of the Eames armchair and pouf, and you can find them online or in furniture stores. But it has a rosewood shell, black leather and the backrest and seat are joined by two metal braces like a “genuine chair”.

This small piece of furniture acts as a footrest and also complements the design of the Eames chair. In the Vitra design museum they have a workshop where you can see how they are manufactured, a chair takes one day. Some manufacturers that used the exact specifications provided by Eames in the past may sell a chair for several thousand dollars. The Iconic armchair is ideal if you want a reproduction that is as close to the original Eames armchair by Herman Miller.

The numerous design elements of an Eames lounger mean that a new replica could still cost more than 1000 pounds sterling. The chairs are known for their comfortable and stylish design and are featured in many famous movies and TV shows. The biggest difference, from a structural point of view, between the old imitations and the authentic ones is that the plywood cases of the Eames chair are continuous, without any exposed hardware (except, of course, the vertical braces that hold the central and upper shell together). As you can see, it's not that difficult to find a good replica of an Eames armchair if you're doing your homework and finding out about it beforehand.

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